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Joanna is a Scottish Award-Winning Composer published by Universal Editions.

Joanna's first Classical Choral album 'Love Illuminates' is due to release in June 2023 with record label Regent Records, Directed by Sarah MacDonald and the Chapel Choir of Selwyn College, Cambridge.

Joanna's music has been performed by a variety of prestigious ensembles, including the BBC Singer's, London Symphony Chorus and Orchestra, and in multiple venues including: The Royal Albert Hall, Barbican, Hampton Court Palace, and Canterbury Cathedral


In 2018 Joanna was awarded the Cappella Nova Competition Prize after writing a piece to mark 100 years since the Woman's Suffragette. Adjudicated by James Macmillan, 'Immortal Peace' premiered at Stirling castle followed by multiple performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Joanna arranged and orchestrated music for Artist Shan Ako (Hamilton), the Royal Philharmonic Strings, the UK Parliament prayer breakfast, and the London Community Gospel Choir .

Joanna composed and orchestrated music for a theatrical production of 'The Exodus' at the Royal Albert Hall with BBC writer and narrator Paul Kerensa.

Joanna is Head of Classical Music at Holy Trinity Brompton Church and works closely with their chamber choir and orchestra. In 2021 she conducted carols for a special Advent Service with His Royal Highness, King Charles and orchestrated and conducted live orchestra and choir at the Royal Albert Hall for the Alpha Leadership Conference in May 2023.

Love Illuminates was supported by the Gemma Classical Music Trust, registered charity no. 1121090 and also by Help Musicians.

Joanna's Inspiration for music is summed up by a quote from Bernstein when he said:

"There is no aspect of music which doesn't intrigue me and claim me 100%, whether it's performing it or talking about it or writing it." (Bernstein)

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